Mayor of London Boris Johnson has revealed that a 5G mobile network will be rolled out across the capital by 2020, allowing Londoners to download a film in less than a second.

The 5G network, billed as the first major 5G mobile network in the world by Johnson, is set to be deployed with the help of the University of Surrey, according to the Telegraph

According to the newspaper, the 5G network will be unveiled later this week in the first long term infrastructure investment plan to be published by City Hall. However, the Mayor's office was unable to confirm this by the time of publication. 

“London is earning a reputation for being the tech capital of Europe and that is why we need to ensure every Londoner is able to access the very best digital connectivity,” Johnson is cited saying in the Telegraph article. “Rapidly improving the connectivity of this great city is a key part of the Infrastructure Plan for London.". 

At CeBIT in March, David Cameron announced a joint venture between the University of Surrey, the University of Dresden and Kings College London to develop 5G.

Johnson’s pledge to roll out 5G across London comes as telecoms companies struggle to define what it actually is.

Professor Andy Sutton, EE's principal network architect, said he thinks 5G will be capable of delivering between 1,000 and 5,000 times more data capacity than 3G and 4G networks today.

But EE, the first company to roll out 4G, said it doesn’t expect to have a 5G network ready until at least 2022. 

Johnson will also pledge to provide prospective tenants or property purchasers with more accurate information on broadband speeds at individual properties.

Working with the telecoms industry, City Hall is also expected to work on a map that shows where connectvtivity improvements are needed most urgently.