Three of the cities that lost out to Glasgow in the competition for £24 million smart cities funding in January are to be given money to develop the most interesting parts of the projects they proposed.

In a slight change of plan, Bristol, London and Peterborough will now each receive £3 million of funding under from the Technology Strategy Board to prime ‘Future Cities Demonstrator’ initiatives.

Bristol will use its money to spend on a Citywide Living Lab to provide local SMEs with the data needed to develop new transport, health and social care services and technologies for its population.

Peterborough, meanwhile, plans to use the money to showcase its R&D and local SME eco-cluster, while London’s project will include developing a 3D mapping system that can be used by utilities to manage road works congestion in four trial boroughs.

The Board originally funded 30 feasibility studies, which turned out to be of a high enough standard that it has decided to extend project funding to as many as possible.

Glasgow won the bulk of the funding, but it now looks as if more names will be added to the list over time.

“As we welcome these cities to the Demonstrator community, we look forward to working with other cities around the UK,” confirmed David Altabev, Future Cities Demonstrator Manager.

“As one of the privileged few who has read all of the cities feasibility studies, I am thrilled that we are able to support these cities in realising their ambitions of addressing critical city challenges through integration,” he wrote announcing the awards.

Project heads are meeting in Birmingham this week to explore the possibility of collaboration between cities.