The Liberty Alliance, a consortium of users and vendors developing specifications for sharing identities across the Internet, has released three drafts for extensions to its work that would tie identity into contact books, presence and location services.

The trio of "services interfaces" is intended to extend identity features, most notably privacy and personalisation, to other services that may be part of a Web-services or service-oriented architecture.

The extensions are called Contact Book Service Interface, Geo-location Service Interface and Presence Service Interface. The three are the latest extensions released as part of the Alliance’s Identity Service Interface Specifications (ID-SIS) and work with the Alliance’s ID-Web Services Framework 2.0. ID-SIS is part of Phase Three of the Alliance’s specification development program, which is focused on Web services.

Late last year, the Alliance released its first ID-SIS extensions, ID Personal Profile and ID Employee Profile for ID-WSF 1.0.

"We are allowing for privacy-enabled messaging exchange," said Bjorn Wigforss, chairman of the Liberty Alliance's business and marketing expert group. "By having these interfaces specified it should be easier to integrate these services." Wigforss says the services interfaces can be used alone or together in any combination.

The Contact Book Service Interface allows users to manage and share personal or business contacts, while the Geo-location interface provides a way for users to communicate their location and receive personal services like weather and travel information or directions and local news. The presence interface allows users to share their presence information with service providers so that information can be used to determine their availability. The service works with the Presence Information Data Format and with Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol standards.

The three service interface specifications are available in draft form here. The Liberty Alliance is accepting public review and comment on the specifications.