LexisNexis, a company providing computer-assisted legal research services, has picked enterprise software company MarkLogic to power components of its new Lexis Advance solution.

MarkLogic's latest product, MarkLogic 5, is a “next generation” database for Big Data and unstructured information, which allows organisations to analyse rich media with textual data in the same application. It includes the MarkLogic Connector for Hadoop, which combines large-scale batch processing with real time Big Data applications.

LexisNexis said that, although it usually builds its technology in-house, using MarkLogic will enable the the development team to spend more resources on building products and features and less time and money maintaining a technology platform.

“We could have built our own solution and have in the past, but the value add to our customer is in working more on enriching our content instead of building our databases and search engine,” the company told Techworld. “MarkLogic enables the LexisNexis global development team to put the focus on new and unique ways to deliver content through applications and features.”

Lexis Advance is a web application designed to enable legal professionals to conduct research faster and more efficiently. It allows users to simultaneously search the web and content from the LexisNexis services, compiled by a team of more than 1,000 lawyers and trained editors with professional legal background.

It also includes a 'Workplace Carousel' – which enables the user to store search history, save filters, access work folders, set up alerts and access customer service – and a 'Legal Issue Trail' – which helps users find and cite connections between cases that may not be obvious, ensuring that research is complete.

MarkLogic enables LexisNexis to call up billions of documents in milliseconds and make changes in real time on commodity hardware. It can also execute 30 or more targeted searches simultaneously and deliver precise results to users in less than a second.

Other applications using the new technology platform include Lexis Advance for Solos, TotalPatent, Verdict & Settlement Analyzer, Litigation Profile Suite, and CourtLink.