Lenovo has introduced the ThinkPad X200 ultrathin laptop, which is a whisker lighter than Apple's MacBook Air. It's cheaper than Lenovo's earlier X300, and will include WiMax and Ultra Wideband connection options.

Weighing 2.95 pounds (1.34 kilograms) with a four-cell battery, the weight of the ThinkPad X200 is just less than Apple's 3-pound MacBook Air (read review). The weight rises to 3.58 pounds with an optional nine-cell battery, which can provide up to 9 hours of battery life, Lenovo said.

The laptop has a 12.1-inch screen with storage options of either a 64GB solid-state drive or a hard disk drive at up to 320GB. Users will be able to watch Blu-ray movies on the laptop through an optional ultrathin optical drive.

It is powered by Intel's Core 2 Duo chips running between 2.26GHz and 2.40GHz, with 3MB of cache. It will support up to 4 GB of DDR3 memory and include integrated graphics. It will come with Windows Vista.

A gaggle of wireless connectivity options are available, including integrated a/b/g/n Wi-Fi, 3G mobile broadband and Bluetooth. Later this year the company will offer connectivity to UWB (UltraWide Band) and WiMax wireless broadband. It also supports GPS.

The laptop measures 29.5 by 21 by 2.07cm with a four-cell battery, making it comparable to Lenovo's ThinkPad X300 laptop (read review).

To shave off the pounds, the laptop does not have a drive bay for an optical drive, though one is available for the UltraBase docking station. The company also ditched the trackpad, providing only the red "trackpoint" nipple in the keyboard. Full specifications are posted at Gizmodo.

The laptop is substantially cheaper than the X300, starting at US$1,199 (£600) and will be available in August, according to the company.

Lenovo also announced the IdeaPad U330, a consumer ultraportable laptop that is 0.9 inches at its thinnest point and weighs just over 4 pounds. Powered by a Core 2 Duo P7350 processor, it comes with a 13.3 inch screen, supports up to a 320 GB hard drive and integrates wireless a/g/n technology and runs Windows Vista.

The U330 also supports switchable graphics, which can shift from a separate ATI graphics card to internal graphics (manually or automatically) when the laptop is operating on a battery. It will be available later this year; pricing has not yet been determined, a Lenovo spokeswoman said.