Lenovo has produced two new ThinkPads that it claims can run for up to 11 hours without charge. The laptops will "unplug the need for power cords from dawn to dusk" it claims.

The catch is that the battery life is calculated by combining the standard 8-cell battery with the optional X60 Extended Life battery, making it somewhat bulky and removing some of the advantage of having a laptop in the first place. Nonetheless, the fact that the machine can run for such a long time on batteries will see some users forego convenience.

The new T60 and X60 are based on Intel's new Centrino Duo package. The X60 adds support for a 667MHz front-side bus and 667 MHz DDR2 SDRAM.

They will also offer an internal antenna to connect to high-speed Verizon's CDMA2000 EV-DO wireless service without the need for an add-in card.

The notebooks also come with an improved version of Access Connections, Lenovo software for managing all various wireless connections, said Sam Dusi, director of marketing. The software, which can be downloaded from Lenovo's website, allows IT managers to enter profiles for access points that grant or restrict access to wireless networks.

The T60 and X60 will be available in the US from February and are priced starting from $2,049 for the T60 and $1,899 for the X60.