Lenovo, which recently took over IBM's PC business, has started offering wireless PC cards and Net access with its laptops - but only in China.

The wireless package allows users to access the Internet over China Unicom's CDMA 2000-1X cellular network. The bundle, which includes a CDMA card and three months of nationwide "all-you-can-eat" mobile Internet access, is being offered in China as part of a summer promotion.

At the end of three months, users will have to sign up for a subscription from China Unicom to continue the service, she said. CDMA 2000-1X is a cellular technology that offers greater range than Wi-Fi. The notebook models on offer as part of the package already include Wi-Fi support as a standard feature.

The service is available with the Tianyi laptop line, as well as some models in the Xuri line. The offer does not however extend to ThinkPad-brand notebooks.