Lenovo has announced a new line of ThinkPad notebooks, the Z60 series, with more of a consumer focus.

The Z60t and the Z60m will both have wide screens (14-inch and 15.4-inch, respectively) and include consumer-oriented features not offer on other ThinkPads, such as FireWire ports and three-in-one media card readers.

Both models will retain the distinctive ThinkPad look and feel, with the signature black case and red eraserhead pointing device (along with a touchpad), but also come with more rounded edges and white icons ringing the keyboard to identify ports and connectors along the sides. Optional $25 titanium clip-on covers will lend a modern look.

Another first will be the option to configure either Z60 model with a wireless wide area network antenna. The antenna is embedded along the right side of the screen and will enable users to log on to the Internet using WWAN instead of relying on integrated Wi-Fi.

Both Z60 models will be configurable, with options to select Intel Celeron or Pentium M processors, and Microsoft Windows XP Home or Pro. The Z60t will rely on integrated Intel 900GMA graphics; the Z60m will offer the option of including an ATI M-22 or M-24 graphics chip. Both will have up to 100GB hard drives, though smaller-capacity drives are available. Both also include either rewritable DVD drives or DVD-ROM/CD-RW drives.

An optional Advanced Mini Dock docking station for $219 will provide extra connections including a DVI port, as well as PS/2, parallel, and serial ports.

The Z60t weighs the lesser of the two, at 4.5 pounds with its standard four-cell battery. The Z60m weighs 6.6 pounds, including a standard six-cell battery. Pricing for the Z60t will begin at $1049, and the Z60m, at $799.

Lenovo will start selling the Z60t on its website next week. The Z60m will be available in October.