Laszlo Systems has added voice over IP capabilities to the new version 1.2 of its Webtop service, which it refers to as "The Web 2.0 Desktop."

"This is a tool that allows you to assemble your own web desktop for delivery to your customers or your employees that may or may not use pre-built applications from Laszlo," said David Temkin, chief technology officer and founder of Laszlo, at the AJAXWorld conference in California.

As well as VoIP, the upgrade adds a windowing system, application integration, single sign-on, and capabilities to offer a visually integrated experience with data integration on the back-end, Temkin said.

An alliance with CounterPath Solutions brings voice communications to Webtop as an option.

"This allows you to make VoIP-based calls from your Laszlo Webtop interface," Temkin said. Users can add CounterPath's CMC (CounterPath Multimedia Communicator) WebPhone software to Webtop, integrating it with Laszlo's Mail and Contacts applications. WebPhone will be available later this year.

The 1.2 version features Laszlo Mail as an option for desktop email and carrier-grade scalability, the company said. Also added were APIs for application integration, in which data access and paging APIs have been added to bolster integration and performance when deploying OpenLaszlo applications with large datasets. OpenLaszlo is the company's development platform.

User-based advertising options are being offered primarily for service providers.

Laszlo is offering bundles based on Laszlo Webtop for enterprise, developers, and service providers. The three specific bundles include:

  • Laszlo Webtop for Service Providers, featuring an extensible offering for delivering a customised communications portal. Advertising can be integrated. Providers also can add modules such as news, stocks, and productivity applications.
  • Laszlo Webtop for Enterprises, to improve the way users access content, complete transactions, and consume multimedia.
  • Laszlo Webtop SDK for Developers, featuring a software development kit to build Webtop applications on top of OpenLaszlo 4.
Access to an evaluation copy of Laszlo Webtop 1.2 is available for free for 30 days. Pricing for Webtop deployments starts at $27,000 plus a per-user fee. The SDK starts at $795 per year.