The judge in the Kazaa trial has lashed out at evidence presented in the landmark lawsuit as a "dog's breakfast".

As the two sides - the RIAA, representing the music industry, and the Sharman Networks, supporting its hugely popular file-sharing Kazaa software - debated details of a mountain of final evidence, Justice Murray Wilcox said: "I have never seen a greater dog's breakfast over documents than in this case."

For nearly three weeks Justice Murray Wilcox had listened to the record labels' and Sharman Networks' drawn-out arguments on the legalities of Kazaa. The case has been frequently delayed due to lack of evidence, all while copyright is infringed on "a massive scale", according to the record labels.

The search for evidence has hindered Justice Wilcox's efforts to deliver a verdict quickly. "I've been anxious to set out on this journey for some time," he told one barrister. "Would you give me my backpack so I can start?"

The last couple of days of the week were dominated by arguments about admissibility of evidence. With all evidence finally heard, both sides will make final submissions on 22 March. Justice Wilcox said he had wanted to resume the case earlier, but couldn't due to both sides' availability.