Automated IT tools vendor Kaseya has developed a cut-down version of its system management product, aiming it at small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

Kaseya SMEE automates a variety of ongoing routine tasks, helping IT managers with the administration of their systems. SMEE can keep an eye on the network while allowing managers to deploy software and patches, submit tickets and maintain inventory assets.

The system has designed to be as simple as possible for SMEs, given that many of these companies may not have the full complement of personnel to run these tasks. "People seating in SMEland had more constraints, for example, fewer technicians to work with. Companies were cobbling together solutions using freeware" said Phil Sansom, Kaseya's EMEA VP, " People were coming to us and asking us for a solution for the right price, so we introduced a cut-down version of our existing product."

A trial version of the SMEE product is available for download from the Kaseya website. He said that the company had not yet published a price for the new product but would be charged on a per endpoint basis with an optional maintenance contract. The SMEE offers most of the features of the full-blown product, said Sansom, except that it didn't offer the service desk option and a couple of other features.

Given the lack of IT expertise in some SMEs, Kaseya had made training an important element of the new system. "We provide a whole education package, based on CBT with a massive library," said Sansom.

The software is available as on-premise only, although the company is working on a cloud version which will be available shortly said Sansom. The product is available purely for Windows and Mac OS at the moment, with no plans for Linux. One area that is lacking is support for any mobile and smartphone systems, "It's not something we're looking at in the short term," admitted Sansom but pointed out that the company was constantly reviewing its software to support what customers wanted.