Juniper has produced three new products designed to accelerate apps through networks in the data centre and WAN.

They cover the "hot, emerging market" for application acceleration products, according to Yankee analyst Zeus Kerravala, which has involved several mergers of smaller companies with larger ones in recent months.

Two of the new products, the DX 3280 and DX 3680 will accelerate apps in a data centre and come with a new version of software, DXOS v 5.2. The DX 3280 will ship in early 2007, starting at $24,995, while the DX 3680 is available today, from $49,995.

A new Juniper WAN acceleration product, the WXC 590 is also available now, starting at $24,995, with new WX CMS v5.4 software from $5,795 for a 10-platform licence. Two appliances on a single link can support 45Mbit/s throughput to 140 sites, according to Juniper.

Kerravala said the WAN acceleration market is about $400 million in sales this year, with the data centre acceleration market at about an additional $600 million. Juniper competes with F5 Networks, Packeteer, Riverbed, Citrix and Cisco.

Juniper and several others have bought up smaller companies in the past year, but Juniper has lagged somewhat in describing its technology vision for tying its products together, Kerravala added.