Juniper is buying its way into the VoIP market with a $67.5 million purchase of Kagoor Networks.

Kagoor's technology will enable Juniper to provide VoIP and other media services to network operators, and so provide the company with its first VoIP-specific products.

Kagoor specialises in session border controllers which are primarily deployed at the network edge to aid the secure and reliable flow of real-time IP traffic. They enable three main functions: carrier-to-carrier peering, carrier-to-enterprise service enablement and carrier-to-consumer service enablement.

Kagoor's VoiceFlow products are installed in over 100 carriers worldwide, most of which also use Juniper routing and security platforms, Juniper says. And like Juniper, Kagoor has partnerships with Lucent and Siemens.

"The movement of an established security vendor into the session border controller area was inevitable," says Mark Seery, IP service infrastructure analyst at RHK. "From a solutions perspective this is a natural move for Juniper to make, and assists then in both the enterprise and service provider markets."

Seery says session border controllers can be deployed by enterprises, service providers offering hosted services, and for operator-to-operator interconnection.

"The amount Juniper is spending steers analysis towards assuming that Juniper believes that this is a strategic investment with the assumption this technology sector is about to start ramping - and there are signs that it is," Seery says. "From the perspective of Juniper's overall cash position, this is a reasonable price to pay for what could turn out to be an important strategic move."