Mobile email company Visto has launched a service that delivers corporate mobile email access on the iPhone.

The Visto Mobile service lets iPhone users securely and easily access corporate email without downloading any additional software to the iPhone or requiring any changes to security policies or corporate firewall settings.

The service is already available in the US and will be made available across Europe from today through Visto's website. Use of the service is free for the first 60 days, a video demonstration of the service in action is also available.

"The iPhone has come out of the gate faster than any other smartphone in history and has broadened the market extensively with a form factor and user interface that provides a better "all in one" experience than anything else on the market today," said Brian Bogosian, president, chairman and CEO of Visto.

"For business users whose personal requirements and tastes extend beyond the Blackberry device, we have enabled a solution that marries the demand for corporate e-mail with all the advantages the iPhone brings to an individual," he added.

Visto Mobile exploits the iPhone's user interface, which already allows users to send and receive attachments, receive rich HTML email and view e-mails as they were originally sent. Visto Mobile adds the corporate directory search capability, so individuals can search for any contact and either place a call, send an email or obtain driving directions by selecting the contact's phone number, email address or physical address.