Problems with the iPhone's alarm have again been reported after the clocks went forward over the weekend. The BBC reports that some, though not all, iPhone alarms failed to go off and others went off at the wrong time.

On Twitter, iPhone owners reported early alarms, late alarms and alarms that failed to go off altogether. However, others reported no problem with the alarm. The BBC said the glitch affected non-recurring alarms set within the iPhone's calendar application, but not alarms set within the iPhone's alarm clock app.

Apple hasn't commented on the issue but given the recent problems in the US when switching to Daylight Savings Time, problems with alarms over the New Year and problems last year when the clocks went back it seems surprising that the issue is still occuring.

However, Macworld UK was unable to replicate the problems and it could be that out of date versions of iOS are responsible for the problem in some cases.

Visitors to Macworld also reported no problems with the iPhone alarm or clock when the UK moved from GMT to BST (British Summer Time) over the weekend.