Zosh, an iPhone app for filling out and signing documents, is now out of beta, with version 1.5 available in the App Store.

Zosh lets you interact with those backward folks who still depend on the fax/print/sign/fax model, or the even worse fax/print/sign/scan/print/fax model. It makes life easier for you, while those folks can even keep hanging onto their ancient technologies. When you receive an emailed copy of a form to fill out, you then use Zosh to tap on the fields you need to fill out. If you need to sign a form, you can use your finger as a virtual pen.

Once the form is ready to send on, you can email it as a PDF from directly within the app. And, unlike with fax machines, there's no degradation in quality when you send the paperwork back.

Much of the app's form-filling functionality is reminiscent of Touch-Fill-Go. Zosh requires a digital version of the paperwork to start, while Touch-Fill-Go instead needs you to snap a photo of a hard copy with the iPhone's built-in camera (with a corresponding and unsurprising loss in quality).

Zosh requires iPhone OS 3.1.2 or later.