Customers of German network carrier Deutsche Telekom can now put their name on a list to reserve a next-generation iPhone, while product assembly has begun in preparation for October launches.

A spokesman for the German telecoms provider confirmed to Bloomberg that customers can put their name on the list for the next-generation iPhone as the company anticipates massive demand for the device.

However, the spokesman didn't name the device or exact launch date, the report states. Customers who reserve the next-generation iPhone will be given a priority coupon for the device.

Evidence that the iPhone 5 - if that is what it will be called - will launch in early October, at least in the US, has emerged in recent days, from a leaked Best Buy document which suggests that the launch will happen in the first week of October.

iPhone assembly has begun

According to Macotakara, a Chinese source has reported that Foxconn and Pegatron have begun assembling the iPhone 5 in preparation for an early October launch in the US and a late October launch for Asia. Timescales for other territories are not mentioned.

The report also claims that the units, once assembled, are not being boxed up. This is because Apple is not ready to install iOS 5 on them yet, so presumably this will happen at a later date. Staff at Apple Stores are also apparently being trained in iOS 5 and iCloud, it has been reported.

We heard back in early August that Apple had ordered 10 million iPhone 5s from Pegatron and that the company would begin shipping them to Apple in September, which fits in with the latest reports. A photograph taken at a plant belonging to Wintek in mid-August was claimed to show an iPhone 5 production line.

Components for the iPhone 5 went into production in July , Digitimes reported, and since then there have been several mystery components that could be for the iPhone 5 or perhaps aniPhone 4S spotted in circulation.