A temperature warning message on Apple's new iPad device has got customers overheated.

Writing on the Apple Support Discussions forums, under the heading 'Steve Jobs Read This !!!!!' forum posters highlight an issue, that has also plagued some iPhone users. The complaint focuses on one of the iPad’s built-in safety measures – an overheating warning message that, according to the customer, pops on the screen even in cool situations.

"Well went outside today since it was nice here in Rhode Island. (about 83 degrees sunny) After reading on my iPad about 20 min I get warning stating shut down because of the heat. You gotta be kidding me!!!! It's only 83 degree's out," the iPad owner, who is identified on Apple's discussion forums as 'Iphone Junky' writes."We can not take our iPad outside? Apple you need to fix this. My Kindle never shut down."

Apple iPad

Apple released a support document 'Keeping iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS within acceptable operating temperatures' last summer offering advice on how customers could keep the smartphone cool in hot weather. A temperature warning screen appears with the message 'iPhone needs to cool down before you can use it.' A similar message appears on the iPad.

In a later post, Iphone Junky claims the iPad was not used in direct sunlight while another forum user, called 'wiresandstraps' confirms the same problem with his device.

"I just returned my iPad for the same reason... the message appeared 8 times in 5 days... That plus the weak and useless wifi made it incapable of working as advertised," writes wiresandstraps.

"APPLE PLEASE read: portable devices should not burn like vampires in the sun. The UI was awesome, Pages was pretty good, but the hardware is crippled. I'm upset and feel this dude's pain."

However not all forum members are reporting iPad overheating problems.

"I do plenty of traveling and I am currently in Kuwait aka the Middle East and today I saw a guy in a coffee shop with an iPad," writes iSage.

"Of course he was indoors. But we are talking about well over 130 degrees here in the summer. That did not stop him or the other hundreds of people here that are ordering iPads off eBay. My guess is if you use it accordingly, you should not have any kind of problem."