Iona Technologies is to offer users a means to link Microsoft applications with those from Oracle, IBM and others.

The company has launched Artix Connect for WCF (Windows Communication Foundation) to extend connectivity with legacy applications from within the Microsoft Visual Studio development environment. The company said that the new development would allow a .Net developer to connect with Java or CORBA without needing custom adapters or new code generation.

"Microsoft's strategic commitment to interoperability and open software fits well with Iona's heritage of making software work together," said Eric Newcomer, CTO of Iona, in a statement released by the company. "Through these efforts, Microsoft is recognising and helping Iona and others to deliver high-quality interoperability solutions for today's heterogeneous IT environments. Over the past 18 months, we have worked closely with Microsoft product management to ensure Artix Connect for WCF delivers the kind of seamless interoperability our customers require."

Artix Connect for WCF will ship in May, Iona said.