Microsoft's upcoming Internet Explorer 7 will come with a flush feature that clears the browser's history and all associated files stored after a website is accessed.

In Explorer at the moment, it is a somewhat convulted exercise to remove all the information stored after visiting a website. But a new "delete browsing history" feature in the Tools menu will be able to wipe out five major data categories, including temporary Internet files, cookies, history, form data and passwords, wrote program manager Uche Enuha on the company's browser blog.

A user can delete all of those at once or can individually choose which ones to wipe through the "delete browsing history" panel, Enuha wrote.

The feature goes deeper than a novice user would likely pursue. For example, deleting files from the temporary Internet files folder will also clean out attachments stored by the Outlook e-mail program in that folder.

A beta version of Explorer 7 has been out for Windows XP Service Pack 2 and an enhanced beta version is available for the beta 1 version of Windows Vista, according to Microsoft's website.