Intentia International has released a new version of its business applications suite in what's likely to be the last overhaul before the company's merger with fellow ERP vendor Lawson Software

Intentia Application Suite 5.1 continues Intentia's push toward a stronger SOA (services-oriented architecture) foundation for its software. Release 5.1 includes additions to Intentia's management tools, such as new validation wizards, that are aimed at reducing the cost and administrative work involved in supporting the software. Intentia has also added new channel and category analysis functionality, provided by Cognos's ReportNet software, to its Intentia e-Sales application.

Intentia targets its applications at midmarket customers in the manufacturing, distribution and maintenance industries, and the latest update contains several new industry-specific features. For example, Intentia has developed new promotion management capabilities for companies in the consumer goods field. Intentia's supply-chain management applications gained new functionality for handling sales quotas, purchase agreements and supply transport rules.

More than 70 percent of Intentia's 3,500 customers are in Europe, while Lawson does most of its business in the U.S. The two companies are in the process of completing an all-stock merger announced last month; the current plan is to close the deal in September, said Martin Hill, Intentia's vice president of product marketing.

Product plans are still being determined. "There may well end up being different product streams," Hill said. "It's too early to tell." Meanwhile, Intentia will continue working on the next of its twice-yearly application suite updates, he said.