Desperately trying not to be outdone by AMD, which yesterday announced four new Athlon processors, Intel has produced four new mobile processors.

Apparently they will "usher in the second generation of Mobile Intel Pentium 4 processors". Which is nice. Intel is also developing support for location-based services in its mobile processor line so computers can access information based on their location.

"When we're talking about laptops, location-aware is one of the usage models we're looking at," said Mooly Eden, director of marketing at Intel's Mobile Platforms Group. "The exact way we're going to implement it, the exact way we are going to do it, is something we're exploring," Eden said. "When the right time comes we will add it to the mobile platform." Which, translated, becomes: "Wouldn't it be nice if our chips could tell where the computer was?"

Support for location-based services will be offered in Longhorn, we are told. Although it may well be one of the many features that Microsoft is forced to pull out its new Windows OS in order to meet deadlines. Among the potential applications envisioned by Microsoft is the ability for computers to switch default printers and automatically connect to a preconfigured wireless network based on the specific location of the computer. Plus, of course, get directions and tell you what kind of companies and merchants are nearby.

Mobile Intel Pentium 4 processors 538, 532, and 518 offer new features and high performance, including support for Hyper-Threading Technology, Intel said. They will have a larger, 1MB Level 2 cache; 13 new Streaming SIMD 3 Extensions (SSE3); enhancements to its NetBurst architecture and come in speeds of 3.20 GHz, 3.06 GHz and 2.80 GHz respectively.