Intel has given details of its next mobile platform that it claims will provide better performance with greater power efficiency.

The sequel to the Centrino mobile platform, codenamed Napa, comes with Yonah dual-core processor technology that should be nearly 40 percent faster than the current Sonoma 780 processor, said Karen Regis, director of mobile marketing programs.

Dual-core technology uses two separate processors producing faster performance, reduced power consumption and more efficient simultaneous processing of multiple tasks. Intel's stated goal is eight-hour continuous battery life by 2008.

The new Napa mobile platform will be officially launched in January and is 42 percent more power-efficient than the current Centrino, with reduced average battery power from over four watts to three watts.

Intel is expecting a big increase in the adoption of mobile computers in businesses, noting that almost 40 percent of Intel processors being shipped into the market go to notebook computers, and a large portion of those notebooks goes to businesses.

Gartner has predicted that adoption of portable PC systems will grow from over 30 million units in 2003 to 74 million by next year.

Intel is not disclosing specifics on the pricing for the new Intel Napa mobile platform, but expects it to be "straight price-point replacement" for the current Centrinos in the marketplace.