Intel is re-releasing a critical security patch for its Centrino platform because of a memory hogging bug.

The bug concerns the Proset wireless connection software that came with the update: Proset simply consumes more and more memory, bringing a laptop to a grinding halt. The updated patch will be available from Intel's website later today.

When Intel released the patch earlier this month, it contained security fixes for flaws in some versions of the Pro/Wireless Network Connection drivers as well as the Proset software. The most serious of these bugs "could have been exploited by a remote attacker to execute malicious code," Martins said. The others enabled a denial of service attack.

Since the current memory problem is with Proset, and not the drivers themselves, users who have installed the buggy update can simply uninstall Proset and use other software like the Windows network connection utility to hook up to wireless networks, Martin said.

Users can also download Intel's software and install the driver through the Windows Control Panel, according to Mikko Hypponen, chief research officer with F-Secure.

Hypponen installed the buggy update on his PC and found that it was using about 600MB of real and virtual memory on his system within three days. Intel isn't alone with patch problems this month.

Microsoft also re-issued a patch for its Internet Explorer browser, just days after security researchers said they'd found a critical security vulnerability that was introduced in the update.