Intel is spreading into the Web2.0 services market with a new package called SuiteTwo.

SuiteTwo is the result of a deal with SpikeSource and will offer companies, especially SMEs, the ability to add features such as RSS readers and aggregators, wikis and blogs to their websites. It has been driven by funding from Intel's venture capital arm, Intel Capital.

The integrated appliance will be available through Intel’s existing sales channel. SpikeSource will integrate software and will feature wiki software from Six Apart, blogging software from Socialtext and RSS facilities from NewsGator and SimpleFeed

Joaquin Ruiz, vice president of marketing and product management at SpikeSource said that the product was designed to tap into the desire of Web 2.0 features. "Intel was looking to offer its distributor network an appliance with a range of Web 2.0 features and wanted to take an integrated approach.

"This was a unique opportunity to actively create an effective software suite that delivers heightened capabilities to the enterprise ecosystem," said Arvind Sodhani, president of Intel Capital. "Intel Capital is the only global venture capital organisation of its kind that can spearhead a project like this by offering an engagement with Intel business units and international promotion through appropriate channels."

The deal with Intel follows a similar one that SpikeSource struck with NEC last month.