The first day of Intel's conference - the Intel Developer Forum (IDF) - has been cancelled thanks to a typhoon in Taipei, Taiwan.

Typhoon Nock-Ten hit the country with torrential rain and winds up to 180 kilometers per hour. At the time of writing, the storm's eye was off the eastern coast of Taiwan and is expected to move away from the island on Tuesday, heading north-northeast into the Pacific Ocean.

The heavy rains and strong winds closed schools, businesses and government offices in major cities. In addition, the storm forced the cancellation of some international flights and caused flooding in some areas.

The first day of the conference was to have included keynote speeches by William Siu, the vice president and general manager of Intel's desktop platforms group, and Anand Chandrasekher, the vice president and general manager of the company's mobile platforms group.

The second day of the conference, which will include speeches by Jeff Richardson, general manager of Intel's enterprise platforms and services division, and Gadi Singer, vice president of Intel's communications group and chief technology officer, is expected to open as originally planned. Chandrasekher and Siu will also give their keynote speeches on Tuesday, a day later than planned.