The Inner Circle, an elite dating app for high-flying professionals, has stopped accepting women in London onto its platform in a bid to even out the ratio of males to females.

The company, which holds exclusive parties for its members, said London has the widest gender gap out of all the cities it has launched in, beating the likes of Amsterdam, Barcelona, Stockholm and Paris.

©The Inner Circle
©The Inner Circle

While many people believe that dating apps are more commonly used by men, nearly two thirds of The Inner Circle’s 18,000 UK members are female (63 percent).

The Inner Circle, available online and as a smartphone app, claims that women are signing up to its platform in droves due to the calibre of the typical male member.

CEO David Vermeulen says: "We feel this peculiar imbalance has occurred because of our strict curation. The Inner Circle plays host to males who are professional, young and successful which explains the soaring female user figure. I never expected that London would follow NYC."

The month-long ban will occur from 03 September until 02 October 2015 in order to restore parity in numbers.

The founders behind the dating app told Techworld earlier this year at a members polo party that its strict sign up process means one person is turned away for every person that’s accepted.

Every applicant has to be vetted and approved by a member of The Inner Circle. The company says it has a global waiting list of 90,000, with 25,000 currently on the waiting list in the UK.