Infovista has launched a product aimed at network managers looking to manage IP telephony. The company said that it was the only product that covered all aspects of managing such services.

VistaInsight for IP Telephony 1.0 has been developed to provide ‘carrier-class’ support IP telephony services within the enterprise, as well as supporting such services from third-party providers. The product works by using 'smart navigation' for identifying and resolving problems across the networks. The problems could be voice quality issues such as successful call ratio or delay to dialtone, or they could be problems with the network itself.

Bruno Zerbib, Director of Product Management, IP Telephony solutions, said that there were several vendors who offered products that covered some aspect of managing IP telephony, but none that could cover the end-to-end mix of network and applications.

He said that product would work on several levels so that users with different skillsets could interpret the data. “Some users will have a background in data and some in voice. They would never have enough skill to determine all the problems – we provide guidance to them."

VistaInsight also provides predictive 'early warning' performance alerts based on real-time 'out-of-normal' and performance degradation assessments. Zerbib said that this enables support staff to know about problems before the users did. He said that this in turn led to better call quality and fewer dropped calls.

The product’s not cheap however. Entry-level pricing for VistaInsight starts at $30,000, so it looks as if users could be paying carrier-class pricing too.