Informatica has released an on-demand service for swapping data between software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications and on-premises applications.

The Informatica On Demand Data Replicator lets companies integrate data between and two in-house databases: Oracle's Database and Microsoft’s SQL Server.

Informatica, best-known for its PowerCenter suite of enterprise data integration software, announced that it was working on this on-demand service last year.

The service requires only the use of web browser to configure. It can be used by IT staff or business users, and set-up can be completed in less than an hour, according to John Hegstrom, director of product management for Informatica On Demand.

"You don’t need to write any code, you don’t need to install any developer tools," he said.

Informatica will add connectivity to other databases such as IBM's DB2 and MySQL if there appears to be customer demand, Hegstrom added.

Peter O'Kelly, an analyst at Burton Group, said the product appears to be the first of its kind. He said that’s key for Informatica, which is one of the few pure-play data integration vendors left. Database vendors such as Microsoft, Oracle, Sybase and IBM are tightly tying strong data integration products into their database offerings.

Data Replicator, which costs $1,500 a month in the US, is being offered as a 30-day free trial. The system "will be the first of many services in our on-demand strategy," Hegstrom said. Those are likely to include connecting more different SaaS applications to additional on-premises applications, and could involve, for instance, a data quality service, said Hegstrom.

Hegstrom, a former executive recruited to Informatica last summer, said comparing the Data Replicator with PowerCenter involves "apples to oranges" because the latter offers so many more features. He said while cannibalisation of PowerCenter sales is "certainly possible," he also felt the two systems target different needs and buyers within companies.