IBM has updated its AspectJ programming language extension to improve error-checking and synchronisation.

Version 1.2 of the object-oriented extension to the Java programming language will allow for "clean" modularisation of various, the company said. AspectJ allows developers to write programs that are simpler, of higher quality, and easier to maintain than object-oriented counterparts, according to IBM.

Highlights of 1.2 include faster compilation and linking times. Incremental compilation, important when developing applications in an IDE, is significantly faster than in the previous release. The language also has been extended to cover incremental linking of binary classes.

Also featured is an “adjoc” tool to create HTML pages for AspectJ programs, including cross references between program elements. Plus, better out-of-box support is provided for linking aspects with applications at load time. AspectJ 1.2 is free and available at

Java specialist Teamstudio, meanwhile, has formed a separate division of the company, Enerjy Software, to sell the company’s Java tools line. The Teamstudio for Java product line will now be sold under the Enerjy Software moniker.

"Traditionally, we’ve been in the Lotus Notes development tool marketplace and I guess we were getting a lot of confusion once we set up TeamStudio for Java and were starting to sell tools for Java developers," said Nigel Cheshire, CEO of Teamstudio and Enerjy Software.

Enerjy’s tools include Code Analyzer, for code auditing; Performance Profiler, to find performance bottlenecks in Java code; Memory Profiler, for detecting memory leaks; and Thread Profiler, to untangle threading problems.