IBM is taking on Oracle over clustered databases by announcing DB2 PureScale, a new offering that, the company claimed will help enterprise grow their computing needs more efficiently.

Jointly developed by the IBM Toronto Software Lab and the Power Systems Lab, the new addition to DB2 delivers the computing power required to meet growing business demands. PureScale will run IBM's Power Systems but will not be bundled with it in contrast to Oracle's Exadata approach

Bernie Spang, director of product strategy for the information management division of IBM's software group said that PureScale offered a more efficient way of working than the Oracle equivalent. "The difference is the efficiency of design - allows you to deploy the capacity that we you need and allow you to grow that capacity without disrupting applications."

Spang added that PureScale was capable of delivering exceptionally high levels of efficiency "At 64 nodes we expect to be delivering over 90 percent," he contrasted that with Oracle, which he said would deliver about 60 percent.

DB2 pureScale also reduces the amount of communications required within the system, also helping to preserve computing power. "The software cost for the server will be less than the competition," said Spang, but thanks to power savings the total system cost is much less, he said.