IBM has launched a catalogue of reusable templates, code, and best-practice business models for 15 different industries.

The SOA Business Catalog, containing 500 to 600 reusable resources, will accelerate SOA creation and solve specific business problems, said Sandy Carter, vice president of SOA and WebSphere Strategy and Marketing.

Carter said the catalogue makes the business proposition of SOA services a reality.

"The major benefits are around reuse and flexibility of services that are interchangeable and loosely coupled," Carter said.

The catalog includes things, such as adapters, that will allow IT managers to connect their existing systems to web services. One IBM customer used the adapter to wrap a web service around legacy RPG code to create a service that fit into's shopping network.

Stephen O'Grady a senior analyst with Redmonk said while many organisations prefer to do it all themselves, for some companies the catalog is an attractive idea.

"You can start from a framework and for some organisations it will save a great deal of development time," O'Grady said.

Over time the catalogue is expected to include more than 3,000 templates, tools, and reusable web service code, according to Carter.

Among the resources included at its inception are the IBM Information Framework Process Models, which are financial services models for regulatory alignment and workflow automation through best practices.

Others include an insurance application architectural blueprint, a WebSphere Business Modeler for industry specific projects, and a WebSphere DataStage TX Industry Pack for HL7 to integrate health care data formats with legacy infrastructures.

Some of the resources, all of which use SOA standards, will be free and open source while some have fees attached.