IBM has new software which it claims will bridge the gap between development and IT operations by tying its Rational tools with its Tivoli management software.

The company has produced two tool kits which executives said will automatically identify and help repair problems in business applications. The software will shorten the time needed to identify and repair problems by linking app performance to development tools, the company explained.

The Problem Resolution Toolkit will give quick and easy access to information stored by Tivoli about performance or quality issues. The Performance Optimisation Toolkit is designed to identify problems in testing and suggests probable causes and resolutions.

"We're taking the information that is being captured through monitoring and metering and allowing for instances of that metadata around a particular situation to flow from operations to the development products," said Daniel Sabbah, general manager of Rational software.

IDC analyst Melissa Webster said it makes sense for IBM to build off the existing investments its customers have made in Tivoli products and tie those directly into the development environment. "Helping performance teams come together, collaborate and share information can really dramatically shorten the time to problem resolution and time to a fix," she said.