Huddle has released a new version its content collaboration platform for the enterprise that allows users to collaborate and comment on documents via a single interface.

The revamped platform allows users to view documents online in high definition and search, copy text to the clipboard, zoom and print without having to download their files. It also offers new social features, allowing individuals and teams to interact around content using @mentions and a new ‘Share’ button.

Huddle tracks all views, file changes, colleagues’ comments, discussions and approvals – regardless of whether they were made online, on the desktop, via mobile apps or email – providing IT departments with audit trails for enterprise compliance purposes.

“New Huddle is the first enterprise tool that brings together content, conversation and enterprise-level security, giving workers a full 360-degree view of information that is important to them,” said Alastair Mitchell, CEO of Huddle.

“Discussions are focused on specific content, knowledge is transmitted to the people that need it and the enterprise data store is enriched and available for everyone in the enterprise ecosystem.”

Public transport operator Keolis UK has been using Huddle to store, share and collaborate on working documents and bid plans. Jonathan Barwick, Bid Manager at Keolis UK, said that the new central view enables the team to access and interact with their documents a lot faster.

“With all our content in Huddle workspaces, signing off files is much simpler and the platform has taken the hassle out of IT and location for us,” he said. “When moving offices during a bid process, we didn’t have to worry about moving servers or installing complex infrastructure. The team was up and running almost immediately and Huddle was an effective alternative to our servers.”

Meanwhile, Chris Minto, Operations Director at infrastructure-security and monitoring firm OptaSense, said that Huddle provides the organisation with a secure, central hub where field engineers, home workers, clients and partners can view the most up-to-date schematics for an installation.

“With the new streamlined interface, it’s immediately obvious what file version people are working from and all the discussions that have occurred around a file,” he said. “Intuitive and easy to use, Huddle has significantly improved productivity, increased transparency on projects and we no longer have to provide VPN access to workers on the move.”

The new version of Huddle has been rolled out to all of Huddle's customers, including 80% of the Fortune 500 and 80% of central UK government departments.

Last month it was reported that 89% of contracts awarded via the the government’s G-Cloud framework have gone to Huddle.