Smart phone manufacturer High Tech Computer (HTC) has opened a new sales center in Slough.

HTC keeps a low profile, selling smart phones running Windows Mobile OS to network operators or other manufacturers to distribute under their own brands. It counts Dell, O2, Orange, T-Mobile and Vodafone among its customers.

The new centre will employ 40 to 50 sales and marketing staff but does not mark a departure from this strategy, according to CEO Peter Chou. "We don't have a clear plan to put HTC as a consumer brand yet. We have a key focus through existing customers," he said.

Chou sees no need for HTC to make a name for itself: making money is better. "We saw a lot of branding companies that lost a lot of money. Profit is more important [than brand]. "We are very happy with our current business model and profit," he said.

One of HTC's goals in setting up the sales centre is to bring more products to market, faster. "We hope it will improve our time to market. Our goal is to have the ability to handle multiple products in the same time period," Seiche said.

The center will increase the support HTC offers existing customers, but Seiche also sees it as a platform for prospecting for new business among Europe's second-tier operators, which are starting to adopt smart phones.

The company has already introduced its first 3G smart phone. Chou declined to say how many HTC has shipped but said: "We are very pleased with early sell-through indications."

HTC announced in March that it would build the BlackBerry push e-mail client into some of its phones.