HP has released new identity management software, HP OpenView Select Identity, that it says will streamline the process of providing different access priviledges to different individuals across a range of applications.

It will be integrated with HP OpenView Select Access to create what HP says will be "a complete identity management solution". The technology itself stems from HP's purchase of TruLogica in March. HP OpenView Select Access itself evolved from the purchase of Baltimore last year.

Adding identity management to HP Service Desk software could allow end users to reset passwords on their own, bypassing a service desk call at a savings of $15 to $30 per call, said Christopher Pfister, director of IT service and security management for HP. "HP is now offering a complete password management solution," he said.

The University of Colorado at Boulder purchased Select Access from HP in February and has a rollout scheduled for completion in October, according to Jon Giltner, director of IT analysis architecture and security at the university. The new Select Identity product, and others like it in the market, are being reviewed by the university, he said.

Giltner said Select Access has clear benefits for 200 departments at the school, but Select Identity would be a lower priority since it would improve only how efficiently the IT staff operates.

Select Access helps centralise authentication and authorisation tasks across the university. Before the project began, IT staffers in each department might develop a Web application that asked for a student's private data and then stored that data in the department's server - where security would be as robust as a central location, Giltner said.

Select Access was easy to add to the university's 12-year-old central authentication application. By using it on top of the older application, user data is kept safer and the process for authentication is more efficient, he said.

The release of both Select Identity and Select Access shows HP is trying to offer a well-rounded security management capability that competes with products from other major companies such as IBM Tivoli, Computer Associates and BMC, said Pete Lindstrom, an analyst at Spire Security.

Of the big players, Tivoli leads in identity management. But there are many smaller companies that are also important, such as RSA, Entrust and Netegrity.

Select Access starts at $21 per user for 1,000 users, and drops as the number of users increases. Select Identity starts at $75 per user for 1,000 users. Both are available now.