HP is preparing a new line of iPaqs running a new version of Microsoft's mobile OS.

A presentation on the new HP iPaq hw6510 and hw6515, now available in Europe, contained a link to additional specifications for an unannounced series of products, the hw6700 iPaqs.

The information on the hw6700 iPaqs was swiftly removed from the Internet but we now know that the hw6700 devices will with more storage and Wi-Fi, and will launch in January - the same time that Microsoft releasesthe second edition of its Windows Mobile 2005 operating system. An HP spokesman refused to comment on the new hw6700 range.

The hw6510 and hw6515 are the second-generation of HP's efforts to turn the iPaq into a PDA/mobile phone hybrid. With newer mobile phones capable of storing contacts and calendar appointments, fewer and fewer handheld users are buying stand-alone PDAs. Instead, shipments of devices like Palm's Treo 650, RIM's BlackBerry 7100, and HP's h6300 series devices are on the upswing, according to Gartner.

The first product released by HP for this market, the h6315, received a number of favorable reviews at launch. However, users complained that while the device made for a powerful PDA, it was underwhelming as a phone. HP released a software fix in April to address some of the phone connectivity problems as well as problems with the device's Bluetooth short-range networking technology.

HP added a built-in keyboard and integrated GPS to the hw6500 series iPaqs, launched last month.