HP has hit the market with a massive product launch that includes 17 new laptops, a touch-enabled PC and an innovative new display.

HP announced the bevy of products at its Connecting Your World media event in Berlin on Tuesday.

"This is more than a typical announcement from a tech vendor," said Dan Olds, principal analyst with the Gabriel Consulting Group. "Over the years, we've grown used to a company like HP dribbling out product enhancements, like 'our magenta is now 30 percent more 'magent-ier' and things like that. HP's move today is bold and aggressive."

There is some risk to releasing so many new products at once, though, according to Olds.

"This kind of product dump can be risky in that any single offering can be lost in the noise," he noted. "For example, I'm sure that somewhere in the mix is a very inexpensive laptop or two. These boxes probably have some pretty good specifications and capabilities for a damn low price. However, doing a mass launch like this means HP has to pick and choose what to lead with and 'we got cheap laptops' ain't the message today.

On the other hand, a strategy of leading with the new whiz-bang stuff is a good way to get customers to take a look - and then buy something else that maybe better fits their budget."

The new laptops include premium HP branded machines, along with less expensive Compaq brands and an ultra-mobile Voodoo notebook that is being released as part of a new ultra-mobile line of computers.

HP is also jumping on the emerging ultra-mobile bandwagon with the release of its Voodoo family of computers, which includes the Voodoo Omen desktop and the ultra-mobile Voodoo Envy 133 notebook.
At the same time, the company also introduced six new HP Pavilion consumer-focused notebook PCs, and Compaq Presario laptop models.

As for desktops, HP showed off its new TouchSmart family of PCs, which use HP software designed specifically for touch use. Without using a mouse or keyboard, users can access applications with a swipe or tap of a finger. The computers run Intel's Core 2 Duo processor, and include a wireless keyboard and integrated WLAN.

HP also released its The HP DreamColor Display, a new liquid crystal display (LCD) that sports a range of more than 1 billion colours in a 30-bit, LED-backlit display.

Olds noted that with a weakening economy, this onslaught of new products just might be a great marketing idea.