HP has released a software update for its troubled iPaq h6315 handheld that it promises will fix several issues that have left users frustrated and caused retail partner T-Mobile to remove the device from its stores.

The 23.8MB ROM update is available for download from HP's support website. It updates the software that controls the wireless connectivity of the device, which can browse the Web and communicate over three different wireless standards: GSM/GPRS networks, 802.11b wireless LANs or the Bluetooth short-range networking technology.

Users complained on various online message boards and forums that the h6315 did not work very well as a phone and was prone to crashes and lockups. The ROM update fixes 20 separate issues on the phone, including problems with the call-waiting feature and an issue where the tones generated by the keypad could not be recognised by automated call-center software. Most of the fixes were dedicated to the Bluetooth software.

As a result, T-Mobile has put the phone back up for sale on its website. However, an exchange program that lets disaffected T-Mobile customers exchange their h6315 iPaqs for other smart phones is still in place, a T-Mobile spokesman said. T-Mobile also offers PalmOne's Treo 600 and several BlackBerry phones from Research in Motion.