The Motion Picture Association have sued two Beijing retailers for pirating films, seeking 60,000 renminbi ($7,550) per pirated title.

The lawsuits have been filed against retailers Feng He Ri Li and Yu Hao Qing, the MPA said, and behind it are a who's who of Hollywood: Columbia, Disney, Paramount, Twentieth Century Fox, Universal and Warner Brothers.

The lawsuits, covering 21 different titles, will being heard by the Beijing First Intermediate People’s Court and the Beijing Second Intermediate People’s Court. The MPA said both retailers have been raided by the Beijing Copyright Bureau and Beijing and Chaoyang District Police for selling pirated DVDs in the past. In May, police seized 13,000 pirated DVDs from Feng He Ri Li alone.

The MPA is the international arm of the Motion Picture Association of America, which represents the commercial interests of US film and productions studios, including encouraging anti-piracy efforts overseas.