A second iPhone 4G/HD prototype has allegedly leaked from the Apple ship, and turned up on Vietnamese website (taoviet.vn).

The prototype is similar in appearance to the one that an Apple employee left in a bar in April. Website Gizmodo notoriously highlighted on its website recently, and is reported to have paid $5000 to the person who picked it up from the bar.

Like Gizmodo, Taoviet has videos and images of the new iPhone device, however the site has gone much further than Gizmodo, tearing the device apart to reveal the innnards. Any surprises? Not really, inside is the Apple A4 processor used in the iPad.

The Taoviet website is currently inacessible, possibly due to the heavy traffic it is almost certainly recieving.

Apple iPhone 4G leaked?

According to MacRumors, the poster of these photos claims that a Vietnamese businessman bought the prototype in the US together with the iPad, and returned with them to his country.

The A4 processor was rumoured to be in the next generation of iPhone so its presence is no surprise. While it may seem somewhat overkill for current tasks, it may make a big difference when multitasking is introduced with the iPhone 4.0 Software Update due this Summer.

The build design is also more advanced than the earlier model, with some of the early production screws removed. The design still shows a more flattened metal side with distinct volume buttons.

This insides of the Apple iPhone 4G?

[Image via Crunchgear]