The Guardian has given its mobile app a redesign in a bid to provide readers with a more personalised picture of what’s happening in the world.

Guardian News & Media claims the app, which has already been downloaded and used by one million people, will be more interactive and engaging.

Tanya Cordrey, chief digital officer at Guardian News & Media, said: “Digital innovation, design and editorial excellence are core components of the Guardian. The new app...harnesses technology to help our journalists tell their stories in the best ways possible."

Guardian News & Media said the new app allows users to tailor the types of articles they want featured on their homepage, and create alerts to follow their favourite journalists, stories and football teams. It also allows them to see region-specific editorial content.

The revised app will come with interactive features for the first time and will be available across all Android and iOS phones and tablets running Android 4 and iOS 7. It will also have displays that "respond to the importance, type, and tone of individual stories."

More than 20 developers, designers, editorial staff and digital experts conceived the app in the Guardian UX Studio  a research and testing space that aims to put user testing at the heart of its innovations.

The revised app will be rolled out to current users as an update to their existing iPhone or Android apps.

The Guardian's revamped app will go up against those offered by rival broadsheet publications, including The Times, the Financial Times and The Independent. It will also compete with apps offered by other UK newspapers, such as the Daily Mail's MailOnline app, which has received over two million downloads on the Android platform alone. 

Cordrey added: “We’ll be experimenting with and ultimately evolving this new app over the months and years to come - regularly adding exciting new features, content, and opportunities, and we’ll continue to look for ways to innovate and develop new and compelling ways to engage with our audiences.”