The GSM Association (GSMA) has launched a new online portal, providing data and analysis on the mobile industry as well as market insights produced by a team of analysts.

Known as GSMA Intelligence, the portal aims to provide a resource for all stakeholders within the mobile ecosystem, including telecom operators, vendors, internet players, vertical industries, governments and regulators, and academic institutions.

Content includes data and forecasts relating to the performance of all 1,140 operators and 1,153 MVNOs across 3,505 networks, 65 groups and 236 countries worldwide, and analysis and insights from the GSMA Intelligence research team across a range of industry topics.

The portal will also track the economic, environmental and social impact of mobile solutions in the developing world, with the aim of identifying and accelerating investment opportunities in the emerging markets.

Other features include a searchable documents library containing reports, surveys and papers, and a real-time feed of contextual snippets and graphs sourced from mobile companies and media sources.

“The mobile industry is one of the most dynamic and transformative technology markets ever, evolving at an unprecedented pace,” said Anne Bouverot, Director General of GSMA.

“This dynamism presents many opportunities and challenges for players across the mobile ecosystem and the GSMA is in a unique position to provide the intelligence and insights that organisations require to drive future growth and innovation.”

A basic version of the GSMA Intelligence service is available now, free of charge. This offers access to market Dashboards that provide a ‘snapshot’ of every mobile market worldwide, listing the key in-market metrics and players.

Also free-to-use is a tool called Timeline, which tracks the evolution of the mobile industry and provides an introduction to the industry for the billions of mobile users worldwide.

The full commercial subscription offers unrestricted access to all datasets, reports and platform features. GSMA members can access the full service at a significantly reduced rate. GSMA was not able to tell Techworld how much these subscriptions would cost.

“It is critical that industry leaders have accurate and relevant information at their fingertips – the GSMA Intelligence platform will serve this need, making sense of the data and highlighting the trends that matter most for their businesses,” said Hyunmi Yang, Chief Strategy Officer of the GSMA.