Gorilla Logic is trying to help app developers make sure that no one throws a monkey wrench into their projects.

The company, which specialises in enterprise app development and mobile testing tools, has launched a new "quality-as-a-service" offering that lets mobile developers and enterprises test their apps over the cloud.

The tool works for both iOS and Android and relies on its own unique keyword-driven language to help developers design and implement their own tests. The platform can also record and replay interactions that testers have with the user interface, can measure an app's actual results against its expected results and can automatically convert scripts to JavaScript.

One of the MonkeyTalk service's unique features is its home-brewed MonkeyTalk Command Language, which Gorilla Logic President and CEO Stu Stern describes as "a high level language for expressing testing scenarios". The language essentially simplifies testing scenarios that app developers typically want to run and generates scripts to execute them.

Users can also use the MonkeyTalk JavaScript API to mix JavaScript with the Command Language to give them more control over designing their tests.

Stern says MonkeyTalk is primarily for app developers who don't have their own mobile testing automation or for companies that are developing apps for employees and who want to make sure they cover all their bases.

"This is for any company that's building their own mobile apps and is concerned about defects that will create direct financial consequences," he says. "Nobody wants to be the one getting all those one star ratings in the App Store."