Google will soon upgrade its Google Analytics service and has released a beta of Version 5 of the old Urchin analytics server software.

Google is planning to add site search and event tracking to Google Analytics service within the next few weeks.

The site search tool is designed to apply Google-like features for internal searches of websites, said Brett Crosby, senior manager of Google Analytics. The search tool will allow website operators to identify keywords, categories, products and trends across time and user segments to help them measure the effectiveness of the site and marketing efforts, he added.

"We see that as a gold mine of data," Crosby said. "Every one of those searches is basically a vote by your visitors telling you what they are looking for on your website. You can start to get an idea beyond just what is driving people to your site, what they are looking for when they are already there. If you're not providing people the results they are looking for, they are off to another website."

Site searches also track internal search patterns to determine how searches affect site usage, e-commerce activities and conversion rates. The new feature works with Google Custom Search, Google Search Appliance, Google Mini and many non-Google site search products, Crosby said.

The new event tracking feature will help companies more accurately measure how visitors are using interactive website elements like Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX), JavaScript, Flash, gadgets and other multimedia tools, Crosby added.

A limited beta version of an update to Google's packaged Urchin analytics software is also now out. The update includes a new Google Analytics user interface, Crosby said.

In recent weeks, some Urchin users have complained about delays to Version 6 of Urchin, contending that Google appears to be focusing more on Google Analytics. Crosby acknowledged that the update to Version 5 aims to appease those users.

The update to Version 5 includes tools to help migrate configurations and data from previous versions, Google said. Current Urchin users with advanced support programs can get the upgrade for free, Crosby said. Version 5 users without advanced support are eligible for discounts, he added.

For new users, Version 5 with the updates is priced at $2,995 for new users, Crosby said.