Google this week began offering an alpha version of Google APIs Client Library for JavaScript, which provides access to HTTP-based APIs on the web, as well as to many of Google's public APIs.

The library is intended to make it easier to use Google APIs, said Brendan O'Brien and Antonio Fuentes of the Google Developer Team.

"The client library is also flexible, supporting multiple browser environments including Chrome 8+, Firefox 3.5+, Internet Explorer 8+, Safari 4+ and Opera 11+. In addition, the JavaScript client library supports OAuth 2.0 authorisation methods," Fuentes and O'Brien said.

Developers can access Google APIs listed in Google's API Explorer, such as Web Fonts API, Google Analytics and Task Queue REST API. In addition, HTTP APIs on the web leveraging REST or JSON-RPC can be accessed. The client library joins a suite of libraries for languages such as Python, PHP and Java.

With the library still in an alpha stage, Google is seeking feedback. Google advises developers interested in using the library to begin by accessing the JavaScript Client Library documentation page.

"While you can use the current library to start writing code, you should use caution when writing production code as library code changes may break your application. We are working hard to upgrade this release to beta and beyond soon, and to release even more client libraries," the developer team members said.