Google has upgraded its browser Chrome with a host of new features, including additional privacy controls for users and seamless integration of translation functionality. The company's new beta release also improves the multilingual capability by offering a prompt when a website is not in a user's preferred language.

According to the Google Chrome blog, the new privacy controls give great granularity over the way that sites are displayed. Writing in the blog, Wieland Holfelder, engineering director for Google Munich said that users could now control how browser cookies, images, JavaScript, plug-ins, and pop-ups are handled on a site-by-site basis. "For example, you can set up cookie rules to allow cookies specifically only for sites that you trust, and block cookies from untrusted sites" he wrote.

In addition, the new beta will also provide a link to the Adobe Flash Player Settings Manager, where users can view and control the local objects that Adobe Flash stores on their computer.

According to web analytics company, Net Applications, Chrome was the only browser to gain market share in February, rising to 5.61 percent of the browser market, compared to 5.22 percent in the previous month.