Google is shutting down all of its Google Glass Basecamp stores, according to reports.  

The reports, initiated by 9to5Google, came after Google Glass developer Spencer Kleyweg posted a blog on Google+ post claiming Google no longer needs the stores because so many people are buying the smart glasses online.

DVF Google Glass
DVF Google Glass

The retail shops are primarily used for showcasing demos, technical support, and one-to-one appointments for Glass. But Google no longer needs them, according to one of its Glass community managers, Becca Samson. 

"Remember when everyone had to go to a Basecamp to pick up Glass? Well as more and more people got to see it in person we opened up other ways for people to get Glass - like our website and the Play Store," she told Kleyweg. 

Samson continued: "Now we're seeing that most of our sales and support are happening online or over the phone, so we're focusing more on those now."

However, the news also comes after Google encountered a series of setbacks relating to its augmented reality headset, which retails for £1,000 in the UK. 

For example, Twitter pulled its app while several other early adopters are rumoured to have lost interest. 

There were only four places in the world where people could buy Google Glass in a Basecamp store: Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York City and London.

The London Basecamp is situated in King’s Cross, an area that Google has publicly committed to. 

Last year, it revealed that it wanted to open its new UK headquarters there by 2016.  

However, the internet giant told Techworld in August that it no longer has a target moving in date after Techworld learned that building work on the site is yet to begin.  

Google had not responded to Techworld at the time of publication.