Google has relaunched its Gmail app for Apple's iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, two weeks after it was forced to pull a version affected by a bug.

"We've fixed the bug and notifications are now working, and the app is back in the App Store," said Google program manager Matthew Izatt in a post to the company's Gmail blog yesterday.

Izatt cautioned users who had downloaded and installed the original Gmail app to either delete it or log out of the app before installing the new version.

Google guilty

We followed Izatt's instructions, then downloaded and installed Gmail 1.0.2: Unlike the original, the new version did not display an error message related to notifications.

Two weeks ago, Google was forced to pull its first take on Gmail for iOS after acknowledging it had "messed up" by issuing flawed software.

At the time, David Girouard, Google's vice president of apps and the company's top executive for its enterprise group, issued an apology on Twitter and Google+.


"Googla culpa!" Girouard Tweeted on November 2. "Sorry, but we pushed a bad version of our iOS app for Gmail. More info shortly - we're working on it."

Google's second try at a Gmail app for iOS doesn't throw up an error message, as did the original.

One noted app developer Paul Haddad, who had earlier said that Google's mistake was "a pretty trivial thing to fix," took the company to the woodshed for spending weeks on the flaw.

Haddad said that there was "no excuse" for taking two weeks to quash the bug and get it re-approved by Apple.

As of 9pm yesterday, the Gmail app could not be found by searching the App Store; to download it, steer to this URL, then click the button marked "View in iTunes."