Google will open up its digital maps infrastructure to third parties, so that enterprise organisations can use it to store and serve up geo-spatial data to their end users.

Called Google Earth Builder, the new cloud service is expected to be commercially available in this year's third quarter. Google will provide pricing information later on.

After putting their mapping data on the Google cloud, enterprises can make it available to their employees, partners or customers through end user tools like the Google Maps online service and API, or the Google Earth desktop application.

"Google Earth Builder is Google's mapping platform in the cloud, for organisations that deal with mapping data, whether it's hundreds of terabytes or a few base maps layers," said Dylan Lorimer, Google's enterprise Earth and Maps product manager.

"They can upload that content to the cloud and have access to push button tools to process that data, build Maps and Earth layers from it, and securely publish those layers to their end users who are going to access the layers through familiar tools like Google Maps and Earth," he added.

By relying on Google Earth Builder, enterprises can save on storage and server provisioning, maintenance and tuning, which can be substantial and complicated when dealing with mapping data, he said.

Google Earth Builder will be officially unveiled at the Where 2.0 Conference by Marissa Mayer, Google's vice president of location and local services.